Is it A Way of Gambling? A Thought!

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Bingo Slots have been around for ages and providing the much asked for entertainment to groups of people. There were days when hosts arranged bingo games and gave away good prizes along with, to their winning guests. Bingo was not just a game or a way of gambling, it was a norm which increased interaction among the guests. Hosts encouraged strangers to sit and play so that more people at the end know each other and are enjoying. If you did not know anyone except the host at these parties, they made sure that after the full house you know other guests. The number calling was made as funny as possible, like one-seven seventeen, is Raven-Kean, connecting two names making it funny and interaction and chatting happens as a result.
Online gaming platforms have come a long way as the century turned over and the decade too, we see a completely knew picture now. People are using the new-age technology and sit more with the gadgets than real human beings.

Technology Sentiment:

I am not kidding as it is already happening. Addiction to technology is not wrong because technology always makes our lives easy and how can easy be bad. But anything in excess is poison. Inevitably we can not remove technology from our lives as we are in the technology age and not the stone age period. But many gaming critics argue that the traditional bingo were better, where you were not just a user-name like in these online halls you are. Meeting real people, playing and talking to them was a much more social agenda. Counter statements are more surprising as the players want this only. Nobody has time to catch a bus and go to a party. Everybody wants to sit on their systems with Wimpy hams or Bagels to eat and internet to play with. People live fast and don’t bother going an extra mile any more.

Manage Gaming Hours:

Yes, pros and cons are definitely shocking but you see that traditional bingo days are gone and hours you spent idling online are significantly increasing. With the whole world going web, online bingo is rising too. Sticking to it or managing your gaming hours is a personal choice.
Our verdict is that online bingo is the trend that is here to stay. Make it an addiction or stay away from it is your choice. Suit yourself!


Latest Article On Bingo Revenue Generation

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With technology unveiling new series of devices, Bingo has a point to make in the present revenue generation schemes. This article explains you as to why bingo can be embraced as a potential revenue generation platform.

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Bingo As a Potential Revenue Generation Platform

Slots Saga – A Pretty Innovative Concept

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Slot machines as you know it already are those big machines where printed reels move and match a pattern at the end of it. Originally run mechanically where the reel movements were seen by the player who triggered the slots for a match, desiring a jackpot.  Printed images on the slots attracted drunk men as it showed promise with the feel and aura it created. Characters and cartoons made it sure that they get hooked both pretty ladies and adolescents to the slots.

Slots saga began with the pretty innovative concept called One-arm bandits which had a manual-lever to begin the game play. Currency detectors were also introduced that made wagering possible. Enter a penny into the machine and if reels match you win big though so many bandits ended up penniless. With the century shift Casino were developed with the influence of the crime lords. Merchants set up casinos, where gambling was a well practised hobby. Slot machines were set up early on and best pay-off slots were regarded as the most iconic and revisited.

The American Dream
Fruit gum company paid the marketing bucks to print cherry and melon to the merchants and machine makers did the themed slots which were well-received and eventually replicated elsewhere too. For kids slots were a gift and for adults it was like the American Dream to be rich by making lots of money.
Slots game over these years have gradually expanded with the media and entertainment now around and casinos move to the web space if we talk about the present. Slot machines online are video slots where you place your bet and reels move like its a colorful movie. Online slots feature special video slots and multipliers with both 3 reel and 5 reel in function.

People hate losing and free slots are a good way to have fun. Casino owners need online wagerers therefore they keep free slots and themed reel and bonus driven slots which fulfil the need and purpose equally. Web world is fast and growing at a higher pace, online casinos are generally preferred as you can sit at your home and play like you want to. Slots are still loved and they always will be. Slots combination is not something that everyone gets but Bonuses and guaranteed points are a catch.

Let us know how do you find the online slots better than the traditional slots!

Enjoy Super Bingo Slots And Win Real Money

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Evaluation of the work we do is a very important factor to scale our performance. The person responsible doing this should have a through and through knowledge in respective areas. A perfect evaluation brings out the much needed feedback for a given task. Online bingo and slots sites are no exception! They undergo screening on various parameters such as gaming experience, sign up bonus, deposit bonus, reloads, coupon codes, design and theme, etc. Bingo and slots experts take well care to produce genuine feedback without dilly-dallying about anything. Bingo bonus is one such option which rightly fits the bill by having given considerable benefits for bingo or slots players.

Enjoy Playing Free Sot Games:

Make your day more colorful playing free slot games. Playing slots can give you many benefits as you can enjoy unbelievable fun and at the same you can receive loads of money without depositing any amount. Spend your valuable time while playing slots every day and be a part of the best slot site to win real cash. Playing free slot games in the best slot sites enables you to take away more excitement and thrilling experience.

Play Slots At Super Bingo Slots:

It is highly helped by a group of best bingo slots experts who put together their vast sea of knowledge to churn out an unbiased and irresistible reviews. One look at these reviews would favor the players in many ways. They reeled off the names of top bingo and slots sites and explicitly mentioned the gaming parameters such as Sign up offer, Bonus bucks, Peak games, Special features, etc., of each bingo site. A player can easily pick a site of his/her choice and get started with bingo and slots gaming with the help of their reviews.

Slot Machine Offer Outstanding Games:

Nowadays, most of the online bingo slots sites offer you outstanding online slot games whole day. Learn a wide variety of online slot sites which maintain marvelous slot promotions with immense offers. Select the slot site which consists of variety of slot games like 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots, bonus slots, progressive jackpot slots and more to earn extensive real amount throughout the day.

Harry’s Bingo April Promotions! | Blog


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April shall be amazing at Harry’s. With super cool promotional offers and adrenaline rush games, this month is filled with fun. Grab and enjoy them today!

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All You Need to Know About Online Bingo Slots


Let me introduce you to the super cool game that is bingo slots. I hope u all know what is this game about. If you don’t know about the game,then don’t worry. I will give you overview of game,you will definitely love this game.Designed and built by Charles August Fey, the Liberty Bell slot machine was first available to the public in 1895.Slots games were huge success and led to many slot machines.Slots are a great way to unwind and have some fun.This slot machines are the best way to win huge money. In earlier days it was like if we are interested in playing slots then we need to go to  casinos and play there. But with the advancement in the technology now you can play slots online and have fun. Though slots have changed somewhat but the main principles and the game will be the same and this game is still winning the hearts of hundreds daily.There are number of sites that are offering best jackpot offers and also welcome bonuses. With the hundreds of online bingo slots sites in the market, it is tough to select the best site.

Before selecting the site to play the game make sure you always read the rules and payout table guidelines.The payouts are always higher when you bet the max credits and you get more value on the money you’re betting.

All the best and i hope you win lot of jackpots and win huge cash rewards.