Countdown has started for much awaited festival, Halloween Day. It is a festival that is observed in Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, the USA and other parts of the world. It is celebrated on the last day of October of every year. Traditionally Halloween is the custom of christian era. It is greatly influenced from all saints and all souls day celebrated on November first and second.

     This Festival is  celebrated with fun filled activities. People enjoy dressing-up in scary costumes and go out trick or treating. Most preferred characters on this eve include Mr Hallowenster, Joker, Annie Brackett, Batman, Scarecrow, Mr Death and many others. Some people also prefer vampire costumes, dress up as zombies,witches and wear wolves. Special Halloween activities include carving pumpkins, setting up witch statues, going to people’s doors to collect treats, playing pranks, lighting bon fires and watching horror films. The most recognizable symbol is the carved pumpkin, lit by a candle inside, this is one of Halloween’s most prominent symbols

  Apart from this on this eve many stores offers special discounts and great giveaways. Some websites also provide special offers this season like House of Bingo. Celebrate this festival with arranging great parties for your friends and family.