Slot machines as you know it already are those big machines where printed reels move and match a pattern at the end of it. Originally run mechanically where the reel movements were seen by the player who triggered the slots for a match, desiring a jackpot.  Printed images on the slots attracted drunk men as it showed promise with the feel and aura it created. Characters and cartoons made it sure that they get hooked both pretty ladies and adolescents to the slots.

Slots saga began with the pretty innovative concept called One-arm bandits which had a manual-lever to begin the game play. Currency detectors were also introduced that made wagering possible. Enter a penny into the machine and if reels match you win big though so many bandits ended up penniless. With the century shift Casino were developed with the influence of the crime lords. Merchants set up casinos, where gambling was a well practised hobby. Slot machines were set up early on and best pay-off slots were regarded as the most iconic and revisited.

The American Dream
Fruit gum company paid the marketing bucks to print cherry and melon to the merchants and machine makers did the themed slots which were well-received and eventually replicated elsewhere too. For kids slots were a gift and for adults it was like the American Dream to be rich by making lots of money.
Slots game over these years have gradually expanded with the media and entertainment now around and casinos move to the web space if we talk about the present. Slot machines online are video slots where you place your bet and reels move like its a colorful movie. Online slots feature special video slots and multipliers with both 3 reel and 5 reel in function.

People hate losing and free slots are a good way to have fun. Casino owners need online wagerers therefore they keep free slots and themed reel and bonus driven slots which fulfil the need and purpose equally. Web world is fast and growing at a higher pace, online casinos are generally preferred as you can sit at your home and play like you want to. Slots are still loved and they always will be. Slots combination is not something that everyone gets but Bonuses and guaranteed points are a catch.

Let us know how do you find the online slots better than the traditional slots!